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Virtual reality training

Exposition d'art VR
Lunettes de réalité virtuelle

The first Company in Quebec to offer virtual reality training. 

Virtual reality (VR) training is ainnovative and immersive training methodwhich allows learners to experience realistic situations without risk. VR is especially useful for hazardous work environments, such as factories, construction sites, laboratories, and oil and gas facilities.

The virtual reality training service for workplace safety and specific training offers immersive VR training to workers to help them acquire essential safety skills and knowledge.Learners can interact with virtual work environmentsand safety equipment to practice safety procedures, learn to recognize hazards and avoid accidents.

In addition, this VR training service also offers specific training programs for different business sectors, such ashealthcare, construction, mining, aviation, industry automotive and logistics. These training programs are designed to help learners develop skills specific to their field of activity, such as handling machinery, communication in the workplace, crisis management, etc.

The benefits of VR training for workplace safety and specific training are numerous. Learners can practicecanpracticedangerous situations without risk to their life or for others, which helps to reduce the rate of accidents in the workplace. Additionally, VR provides a more engaging and interactive learning environment, which can improve learner retention and motivation.

In summary, the virtual reality training service for occupational safety and specific training offers an innovative and effective method for professional training. Using VR, learners can practice safety procedures, develop industry-specific skills, and improve their workplace safety.


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