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The aim is to provide clear and useful information to help you better understand our service. He will explain the different situations and practical cases related to VR training, in order to help you better understand the training modules, services or processes related to integration in your organization.

How to integrate VR in my company?

Each company is different.... 

To facilitate the integration of VR in your company and for employees, it is important for us to explain and show the advantages of VR,  explain how it works, start with simple VR scenarios, engage employees, and offer ongoing support with trained experts. With these tips, you can help employees better understand and accept the use of VR in training.

Why VR training in my company?

  1. VR offers realistic immersion:VR allows learners to feel immersed in realistic training environments, which enhances the learning experience.

  2. VR is safe and convenient:VR allows learners to practice hazardous training procedures without risk to their lives or others, reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

  3. VR improves training efficiency:VR provides a more interactive and engaging method of learning, which improves learner retention and motivation, resulting in more efficient and faster training.

How are our training modules constructed?

​Our VR training modules are created by highly qualified pedagogical professionals who understand the principles of learning and how to effectively convey information to learners.

Additionally, we partner with workplace safety experts to ensure that our VR training modules are designed to help learners develop essential safety skills for their jobs. This ensures that our VR training modules are relevant, accurate and effective.

E-learning VS VR

E-learning training modules use digital media to teach skills and knowledge, while VR training modules use virtual reality to simulate real business environments. VR training modules are more immersive and interactive than e-learning training modules.

VR Qualitis joins the advantages of both to offer you a better experience and learning adapted to each person.

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